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Responds to customer inquiries and routes calls to appropriate agents without human participation.

Implementing an IVR service for your company can have a number of advantages, such as - 

  • Enabling you to offer services and assistance to consumers at any time, even beyond traditional business hours.
  • IVR systems can effectively manage a high volume of calls at once, shortening caller wait times, and guaranteeing fast service.
  • IVR encounters may offer insightful data about consumer preferences, frequent questions, and pain spots, which can help you improve your company initiatives.
  • Using caller input, IVR systems may intelligently direct callers to the most suitable department or agent, ensuring that they are connected to the proper person to handle their needs.
  • An IVR system can easily handle an increase in call traffic as your business expands without necessitating a corresponding increase in manpower.

Benefits of IVR

Provide 24*7 Customer Support

By using IVR, you offer your clients a means to get in touch with you anytime they want. Customers can select from the various options in your IVR menu when they contact your IVR number. The IVR system automatically distributes calls to the right team member based on customer input. Customers have the opportunity to leave a voicemail for your agents if they are not immediately accessible so that they can get back to you when they are available. Your company is always open with an IVR number, which is a key to greater customer satisfaction and improved brand loyalty.

Turn callers into customers

IVR can be a successful sales method. You can use the IVR system as a live service channel with a customized IVR menu for lead generation. Qualified callers can be connected with sales representatives after answering a series of questions on your IVR number. The process of communicating with new prospects and turning your first-time callers into customers may be somewhat automated using IVR discussions. IVR is a unique channel for customer engagement lead conversion because it achieves a precise balance between technology and the human touch.