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Election Management

Influence of technology on political elections is increasing day by day, cloud telephony services helps in streamline and enhance various aspects of the election process.

Political parties are increasingly embracing specialized technologies to establish connections with voters, gather valuable information, and gain insights into voting trends. IVR helps in direct interaction with the audience for the purpose of collecting information through telephonic surveys. Voice Call helps in convey the message of the leader or party to mass.

Prominent Features

Voter Registration and Information
IVR systems or voice bots that allow voters to register, update their information, and access voter-related information.
Voter Outreach and Education
Automated voice messaging and SMS campaigns to reach out to voters to provide important information about the election process, voter rights, and procedures.
Candidate Communication
Facilitate communication between candidates, political parties, and voters. Send voice messages or make automated calls to connect with constituents to share their campaign messages.
Election Monitoring and Reporting
Dedicated hotlines for reporting election irregularities, complaints, or concerns.

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