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Caller identification and spam call blocking features, It helps users identify incoming calls from unknown numbers by displaying the caller's name or organization.

Truecaller's database includes a large directory of phone numbers and their associated identities, which it uses to provide this information. Truecaller also offers features to block spam calls and messages. Users can mark unwanted numbers as spam, and Truecaller will automatically block calls and messages from those numbers on their device.

Prominent Features

Caller Identification
Display the caller's name even if the number is not saved in the user's contacts. This feature helps users identify and screen calls before answering.
Spam Call Blocking
Identifies and blocks calls from known spam numbers. Users can report unwanted numbers as spam, and uses this information to prevent those calls from reaching to device.
Spam Message Filtering
It automatically identifies and moves spam messages to a separate spam folder, keeping the user's inbox free from unwanted messages.
Contact Sync and Backup
It allows users to securely back up their contacts and sync them across multiple devices and ensures users can access their contacts even if they switch to a new phone or lose their existing contacts.

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