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Enables businesses to seamlessly integrate their customer data and phone communications.

CRM can be used to measure and improve customer service performance, identify training needs, and make data-driven decisions. The integration of CRM with cloud telephony enhances customer service by providing a customer interactions, improving call handling efficiency, and enabling personalized and informed conversations. It streamlines workflows, reduces manual effort, and empowers businesses to deliver better customer experiences.

Prominent Features

Call Logging and Recording
Allows businesses to have a comprehensive record of customer interactions, including call duration, time, and call recordings for future analysis.
Caller Identification
When a call is received, the CRM system can use the incoming phone number to identify the caller and retrieve relevant customer information from the CRM database.
Click-to-Call and Call Routing
Allowing agents to initiate calls directly from the CRM interface. Calls can also be routed intelligently based on customer data.
Call Analytics and Reporting
Helps businesses gain insights into call volume, call duration, response times, and other call-related metrics.

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