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WhatsApp - API

Powerful tool designed for business communication for customers at scale. It is a convenient way to engage with your customers.

WhatsApp Business API saves time and resources by sending messages in bulk and using chatbots. It might be possible you’re a medium-sized business want to streamline communication processes, or a large corporation seeking advanced features and integration options, WhatsApp Business API have all features covered. Businesses can send automated messages to customers, such as order confirmations, appointment reminders, and shipping notifications.

Reventors Whatsapp Solution For

Sales Engagement
Space within the App to showcase all trhe details related to business such as business name, logo, address, website, and working hours.
Support Communication
To help businesses, manage customer communication more efficiently. These include quick replies, message templates, and automated messages.
Bulk Marketing Campaigns
Data helps in understanding how customers are engaging with their messages. It can track metrics such as message delivery rates, response rates etc.
Advanced Analytics
It can easily integrate with CRM and any e-commerce platform. It streamline communication process and improve overall efficiency.

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