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Fast and easy to send more information in a message that means richer text features, higher-resolution images and videos, and many more.

RCS brings rich functionality to text messaging. It is a part of advanced messaging standard. It improves on the SMS text messaging functionality that comes as standard. It would not be necessary to download an extra app or create an account with a third-party service. RCS works automatically with the native messaging app that’s built into your Android phone. It has upgraded the conversational messaging experience.

Prominent Features

Branded logos & identity
Organizations will be able to insert logos for brand identity purposes & able to brand their RCS messaging experience with custom colors and styling.
Improves customer experience
Button to tap, brand logo, with location sharing feature and can integrate text message with scheduled calendar.
Messaging become richer
It allows to check if recepient has read message, group chat, typing indicators, can send QR codes and file attachments.
RCS makes it possible to share documents and files because of its increased data transfer limits in secured manner.

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