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Exchange of computer messages from one user to one or more recipent by internet. It is an accessible way to communicate for business or personal use.

Email is exchanged across computer networks, primarily over internet, but it can also be exchanged between both public and private networks, such as a local area network. Email can be distributed to lists of people as well as to individuals. Users can also send non-text files such as graphic images and sound files as file attachments. 

Prominent Features

Email variations
Different mails can be created as per the need of time like welcome mails, promotional mails, lead-nurturing mails, newsletter mails, and many more.
Mass delivery
Email makes it possible and easy to send one message to large groups of people at the same time.
Message filtering
It put unwanted emails such as spam and junk mail into separate folders. And make easy to find specific messages when they're needed.
Simple & easy
Emails are fast and easy to compose with information. It can exchanged quickly with minimum lag time.

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